ALR 5K Run! Hey, here is another way to help the Pups!!

Ok, so we know there are A LOT of people out there that LOVE Atlanta Lab Rescue and all the good works that we do!  Big Hugs! Our upcoming ALR 5K Run is our main and biggest fundraiser for the rescue. We know that not everybody wants to get out and do a 5K and run or walk the course! So here is another way that you can support Atlanta Lab Rescue!  Create your own ALR 5K Fundraising Team!  This is something that can be shared via social media to reach so many more people. You can see your results right on your Team Page.

To learn how to set up a Team Page to benefit ALR, just CLICK HERE!  You can set up your own page in 5 minutes!  Come on and Join The Team!

Questions? Post under Comments on the website!

Thank you one and all!


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