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ALR Next Adoption Date – FEBRUARY 11th, 2018 ~~ Noon to 2 pm!!


Atlanta Lab Rescue will hold our monthly adoption at Petsmart in Buckhead from Noon – 2 PM!!   Come out and see these amazing dogs.  You can complete an application at the adoption if you haven’t already done so online. We try to have as many dogs at the adoption as possible!  Come and see if your best friend is waiting for you!

LOCATION: Petsmart – 3221 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305 (SE corner of Peachtree Rd. & Piedmont Ave.)

See you then!!



ALR 5K Run! Hey, here is another way to help the Pups!!

Ok, so we know there are A LOT of people out there that LOVE Atlanta Lab Rescue and all the good works that we do!  Big Hugs! Our upcoming ALR 5K Run is our main and biggest fundraiser for the rescue. We know that not everybody wants to get out and do a 5K and run or walk the course! So here is another way that you can support Atlanta Lab Rescue!  Create your own ALR 5K Fundraising Team!  This is something that can be shared via social media to reach so many more people. You can see your results right on your Team Page.

To learn how to set up a Team Page to benefit ALR, just CLICK HERE!  You can set up your own page in 5 minutes!  Come on and Join The Team!

Questions? Post under Comments on the website!

Thank you one and all!


IGY 6 Service Dogs for Heroes Pack Walk – May 20th – Come One Come All!!!

Ranger Dog Training and IGY 6 Service Dogs for Heros would like to welcome you to the IGY 6 Service Dogs for Heroes Pack Walk!!!!

Date: Saturday, May 20
Time: 10 am
Where: We’ll meet next to the water fountain next to the Visitor Center in Downtown Douglasville.
Lunch after: at

-$5.00 donation for joining the pack walk will go to IGY6
-We will have shirts for sale
-Guidelines and rules apply. Please see details below.

This is a unique opportunity to meet with our new Service Dogs in training as well as the Veterans we work with at IGY6. You’ll get to know each other and learn more about what we do at IGY6 while exercising and socializing your dog.

The walk will be easy to moderate through the Historic Douglasville Square in Downtown Douglasville. We want the people in our community to meet our Service Dogs in the best environment possible, because of this we must insist that you bring only dogs on the walk that are people friendly.

To ensure the safety for all of us, our dogs, and everyone else in the community, we will be strictly enforcing the following rules:

1) Spayed/neutered dogs only.
2) No retractable leashes.
3) At least 5 feet of space between all dogs.
4) Only 1 dog per handler.
5) Anyone handling a dog must be at least 16 years old.
6) Please bring water for you and your dogs.
7) Please bring waste bags.

If your dog needs extra space because they are overstimulated and easily excited, please put a yellow or red bandana on their leash. If you do not have a bandana please let us and we’ll provide you with one.

Even the best dogs get anxious or excited, it is not a negative thing to wear a bandana. It means you know your dog well and/or maybe you’re still learning about their personality and want to be extra careful. It is ALWAYS ok to be overly cautious. *Please consider if this is an appropriate walk for your dog, the rules will be strongly enforced and anyone who violates these rules will not be asked to leave the pack stroll.



Ranger Dog Training – Ken Cappello


Atlanta Lab Rescue’s May Mix Month is HERE!!!!

ALR May Mix Month logo

The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular breed in the US for 25 years, but did you know that mixed breeds actually hold the top spot making up 53% of all US dogs!

With mixed breeds holding the top spot, it also means that there are more mixed breeds in the shelters than any other dog, and in particular large breed mixes, which are the last to be adopted or rescued.

Each May, Atlanta Lab Rescue has our “May Mix Month” where we celebrate the Mix! While we will still have purebred Labs on the roster, we are going to concentrate on helping more of these deserving mixes find wonderful homes and as an adoption incentive, we will drop $50 off of the fee for a mixed breed.

Get ready for a parade of pooches on Facebook that are sure to make you smile!

$5 Friday!!

As Forest Gump’s momma would say, “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.” Nothing could be more true when you consider our “chocolates” for this month. Every shape and size, like a box of Valentine’s candy, these dogs all have a different story and each are full of surprises.

Our first boy, Cooper, was surrendered by his owner. No reason was given why this beautiful purebred 2 year old dog needed to be rehomed, but when we picked him up, we realized that he was obese and at least 20 pounds overweight. He is a typical goofball lab, but what we thought would an easy dog to place, as it turns out, will be more of a challenge to find the right home that will commit to getting this dangerous weight off of him.

The next chocolate to come in was Milly. Her owner had surrendered her to the shelter and again, there was no indication why, until we discovered that she had heartworms. She recently went to a foster, and Milly is literally the perfect dog. She should recover from the heartworms with no issues, but the high cost of the treatment will more than double our cost to rescue her.

Then there is Lucy B, a big beautiful 4 year old chocolate lab. The only surprise about her was why on earth she was in a metro area shelter on the list to be euthanized that day and no one had seen her and gone and adopted her??? Now she has a dozen applications to choose from…tells you something about the plight of even the most adoptable dogs at shelters…

Carmen was the next little chocolate nugget to come in. She had been at a shelter in Alabama for several weeks and was terrified of everything around her. She came in yesterday to board at Happy Paws Inn and has not left the plastic crate that she arrived in. Most rescues would deem her as “unadoptable,” which is why she was at the shelter for so long, and why we were likely her only hope. The wonderful staff in boarding hopefully, can work their magic and draw her out, like they did Perry, another scared chocolate girl, who was returned by her owner earlier in the week. Carmen has a foster that will take her this weekend and we hope that she will somehow learn how to trust and to know what love is.

Finally, this week we brought in Tippy, an adorable 10 week old chocolate puppy that was surrendered to the shelter by her owners with an injured back leg. She sat there for 3 days and when it looked like no one else would step up, they contacted us. The orthopedic surgeon determined that the injury was older and that this poor girl had been living with a completely severed bone in her back leg for a couple of weeks! Tippy had surgery yesterday and while it wasn’t an easy fix, the expert surgeons at Northlake Veterinary Surgery where able to repair it and think she will be good as new in a few weeks. Through it all, this brave little girl has been nothing but a bundle of love and kisses. She has a foster picking her up today.

These are all great stories, but each with a “twist” that collectively, cost us over $10,000. Rescue is risky and you take what you get and figure it out. We started ALR because too many rescues were walking away from dogs with medical issues, in particular heartworms, because of the expense. Why should an adoptable dog be left in a shelter to die because it’s owner didn’t care for it properly? And why should a dog with a treatable condition die? While more emotional than practical, that thinking has served us well for the last 10 years. ALR has rescued over 3500 dogs and with your help, we are still going strong.

Your donations, no matter how big or small, have added up to give all of these dogs a second chance. That’s why we’re, once again, doing a $5 Friday and asking everyone in our database and on our Facebook page to please donate $5 (or more) and share with family and friends and help us to help more dogs like these defy the odds and
have the life that they deserve!

To donate you can click on the link below or mail a donation to PO Box 250206, Atlanta 30325.

Thank you and a Big Chocolate Kiss from all of our Pups!
Becky Cross
Atlanta Lab Rescue

Atlanta Lab Rescue 2016 5K Race!! It’s the Second Annual!!!!

Lab-Rescue-Fun-RunYes its that time again, well, almost!!!  Atlanta Lab Rescue is looking to make our 2nd Annual 5K Race amazing and we can’t do it without you!!  Join us SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20th, 2016!!

If you are a runner, our registration site is up and ready. You can sign up early and then concentrate on training!  Here is the link to sign up for the 2016 2nd Annual Atlanta Lab Rescue 5K   Click here to Register!!!

If you would like to volunteer for this great event, we are having our first volunteer meeting on June 5th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Whitehall Tavern in Buckhead. (2391 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305) If you can join the meeting – Great!  If you can’t make it but want to volunteer, please contact Heather Coyle at for more information!

Last year, our inaugural year, was a big success.  We are so excited about this year and know it will be an even bigger event because of you and your love for the Labs and our Rescue!

Thank you! Questions?  Email Heather at  or email us at

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!





Atlanta Lab Rescue – $5 Friday!!!!!!!!

Imagine it’s 8:45 at night and you’re settled in watching “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” OK, so maybe that would never happen to you, but follow me here… Just as one housewife throws a drink (followed by multiple expletives) in the other housewife’s face, your phone beeps. You click on the text and BOOM there is the saddest face staring back at you…it’s from a volunteer from the shelter here in town, who is still  there at 9 pm holding vigil for this dog, who tested positive for parvo earlier in the day. She wants to know if we can take him and she’ll drive him to the emergency clinic tonight. A shelter volunteer who cared this much to stay through the night with a sick dog would ordinarily make me pause with disbelief, except this was the third time she has done this to us.

We have been nursing our bank account all year, barely making it with adoption fees and monthly Paypal donations. The last critically ill dog made it after 10 days at the vet and now has a wonderful life, but vet bill was more than $8000. Knowing this dog would completely tank our resources, I said “NO” and went back to watching the my mindless television. Five minutes later I texted back “take him to the vet” (followed by my own expletives).

Ladd has been fighting for his life for 9 days now. The first couple of days we thought we might lose him. He developed pneumonia on top of the parvo, his white blood cells were nonexistent and on Tuesday they put a feeding tube in through his nose because he couldn’t keep any food down. Of course through it all, he wagged his tag every time someone came to his kennel. Today the news was good. He seems to be turning the corner. The bad news is that we’ve already spent more than we have and it’s not over yet….we’re looking for a $5 Friday to rescue us!

If all goes well, we’ll be able to get him out early next week and we’ll need a foster for him. When dogs are in these situations, they’re all alone in isolation. The treatment is often painful and they don’t know we’re trying to help them. It’s hard to keep them from giving up. The love and care this boy gets going forward is an important part of his healing. If you can help, please email .

We currently have close to 3000 people in our database and over 20,000 Facebook friends. If 23,000 donated $5, or even  $1 that would be amazing! To help us out, please click on the link below and donate or you can mail a check to PO Box 250206, Atlanta, GA 30325.

Thank you!
Becky Cross
Director – Atlanta Lab Rescue

Click here to donate

To make a donation, please visit Atlanta Lab Rescue
Click Here.
or mail donations to PO Box 250206, Atlanta, GA 30325

Bark For Art Sponsors

Bark For Art Sponsors

ALR would like to extend a big thank you to our 2015 Bark for Art sponsors. We could not hold this event, which is our major fundraiser of the year, without their generous support.

Cobb County Toyota

Cobb County Toyota Logo


Southern Proper

Southern Proper

Give a Little, Get a Little, Help a Lot

Give a Little, Get a Little, Help a Lot

Labs in truck with holiday wreathThe season of gift-giving is here and we’re hoping that we can help you find the perfect gift for the hard to please AND  help Atlanta Lab Rescue. For a limited time, we will be offering several Atlanta Lab Rescue items that you can order for yourself or we can send them to everyone on your shopping list. Each gift item will include a holiday hang tag indicating that a donation was made from you in their honor. They get a nice gift AND you can feel good about because it benefits Atlanta Lab Rescue. So take a look at the items we’re offering and cross off people on your list without leaving your house. If you would like to order a few things for yourself, we won’t tell. All items include the cost of shipping. Orders for holiday delivery must be placed by December 17th.

Give a Little, Get a Little, Help a lot! (November Newsletter)

Give a Little, Get a Little, Help a lot!  (November Newsletter)

The season of gift-giving is here and we’re hoping that we can help you find the perfect gift for the hard to please AND  help Atlanta Lab Rescue. For a limited time, we will be offering several Atlanta Lab Rescue items that you can order for yourself or we can send them to everyone on your shopping list. Each gift item will include a holiday hang tag indicating that a donation was made from you in their honor. They get a nice gift AND you can feel good about because it benefits Atlanta Lab Rescue. So take a look at the items we’re offering and cross off people on your list without leaving your house. If you would like to order a few things for yourself, we won’t tell. All items include the cost of shipping. Orders for holiday delivery must be placed by December 13th.



Another great gift idea that benefits Atlanta Lab Rescue is Bravelets, a collection of unique jewelry specifically created for ALR. To order go to and “search” Atlanta Lab Rescue. They will donate $10 for every item purchased. But wait!!! On December the 2nd, for one day only, they will donate $20 each and shipping is free!!! That could really add up!

In addition to these great gifts, don’t forget that you can help us out even when you shop By simply going to  and designating Atlanta Lab Rescue as your charity of choice. A portion of the profit from everything you buy goes to help ALR dogs!

If shopping is not your thing, but you like to walk. You can raise money for ALR every time you go for a stroll with “Walk for a Dog.” Just go to download the app and start raising money for ALR. It’s a walk in the park…literally!

So many ways to help Atlanta Lab Rescue and so little time.

Santa Paws at Perk-n-Poch

Perk-N-Pooch logoNothing says Merry Christmas like a visit with Santa Paws at Perk-N-Pooch November 21, 2014, 6pm–9pm. This is sure to be an event the whole family can enjoy, even your pooch.

A professional photographer will be taking pictures so be sure to bring the entire family.  Please visit our Facebook Event page for additional information.

The Bark for Art 10th Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA is almost here!!!

The Bark for Art 10th Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA is almost here!!!
The Bark for Art 10th Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA is almost here!!!
Westside Foundry-41
On Saturday, August 23rd Westside Foundry and Marketplace, an 85,000 square foot treasure trove of art, antiques and furnishings, will open its doors to host the party of the year!Come and groove to the funky sounds of the Clermont Lounge’s own celebrity DJ, Romeo Cologne, while enjoying great food and libations. For your added pleasure, there will be entertainment throughout the entire venue and a silent auction full of surprises. Best of all 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit Atlanta Lab Rescue!

Join the fun. Meet new friends. SAVE A DOG!
Tickets are $35 at the door or at and include food, beverages and entertainment.

Click here to buy tickets!

Shop The Rustic Feather and support Atlanta Lab Rescue!

Shop The Rustic Feather and support Atlanta Lab Rescue!

The Rustic Feather is donating $10.00 to ALR per purchase of this beautiful dog tag necklace!  The necklace is classic and understated, it is perfect for everyday!  

Also 10% of month’s profit goes to ALR!  Visit them today! 

ALR Dogtag resize Dogtagresiz

July Newsletter – $5 Friday!

July Newsletter – $5 Friday!
Atlanta Lab Resuce
photo by Smitty
FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAY!!We need money…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I get it. You’re tired of hearing it. It’s like going to church and finding out it’s “Stewardship Sunday.” You came for an uplifting message to make you feel good, but instead it’s going to be about money and budgets…Bottom line is that “non-profit” is just that, which means that nothing happens without your help.The $5 Friday last week was nothing short of lackluster partly due to my screw up with not putting the correct “donate” link in the email, making it harder to figure out how to donate online. For those of you who figured it out and made a donation, a special thank you for taking up my slack! Your help enabled us to make a few payments that kept us current (enough) with three of our vets to bring in more dogs, which we did…13 of them (July 4th shelter holdouts).

I’ve been trying all week to come up with a message for this $5 Friday (the sequel) that would motivate and inspire you to want to take the time to go online or write a check and make a donation. A friend emailed me an article earlier in the week about the last day of a three-legged rescue dog named Duke, chronicled in pictures. There were pictures of him playing in a fountain, getting tummy rubs, eating a plate of hamburgers and finally lying peacefully “asleep” on a blanket. The pictures were heartwarming as well as heartbreaking. At the end of the article was a video of the day they rescued him from the shelter. As I watched the video, I realized how different this story about his life, especially how it ended, would have been had he not been rescued. The fact that 67% of all shelter dogs are black mixes, and yet he made it out and lived this wonderful life, makes his story even more amazing.

The concept of $5 Friday is reaching out to enough people, so no one has to pony up much money if everyone participates. We have 2000+ people in our database of adopters and volunteers and over 10,000 Facebook followers. Theory would have it that you all like labs (and lab mixes), you like ALR and you like what we do, so donating $5 (or more) to keep this ship afloat should be easy and make you feel good (I know it makes us feel good!). Please take a couple of minutes and click on the link at the bottom and show our pups some LOVE…

If you would like to get more bang for your buck, go to and buy a ticket for $35 to the 10th Anniversary Bark for Art EXTRAVAGANZA on August 23rd. There will be food and libations, music and dancing and a host of entertainers to amuse you. This will be the party that everyone talks about for the rest of the year and you and your friends don’t want to miss it.

To donate, please visit our website and click donate on the big red lab:


How to Foster A Dog

As many of your know from reading our Facebook page, we cannot save dogs without our foster families! At this time of year, holidays, we are especially in need of help because our boarding partners are full. If we cannot get foster help to house our dogs, we cannot pull them from shelters or abusive situations….and we all know what that means for these loving deserving dogs.  Please read this article and consider being an ALR Foster and help these awesome dogs!  If you are interested in fostering, please email us at and we will be happy to send you information.
Thank you!


ALR $5 Friday is BACK!

ALR $5 Friday is BACK!

Atlanta Lab Rescue Pups

Back by Popular Demand
Just in the Nick of Time


The ever popular $5 Friday is back and we are asking you to rescue ALR. Once again, our expenses have far exceeded our receipts and we need your help. The idea is for everyone  who sees this to donate $5 (or more) and with everyone’s participation, we can pay our vet bills and help more dogs.

In the rescue community, ALR no longer means Atlanta Lab Rescue, instead we’re known as “ A Last Resort “ rescue. That’s right, we’re the rescue that you can always depend on to swoop in and take the dogs that everyone else has turned down. That means the dogs that have been there for weeks and months, the dogs that tested positive for heartworms, the dogs with “arthritis,” (code for hit by a car), the pregnant moms, the hoarder dogs, the tripods, the seniors, the blind and deaf and my favorite, the black dogs.

Yes, we’re a “breed” rescue and yes, we’re supposed to concentrate on purebred labs. The problem is that we don’t have an intake coordinator that surfs all of the shelter sites looking for the healthy purebred labs. Instead we get our dogs from posters, who makes it their mission to find the worst case scenario dogs and send them out to huge networks of rescuers hoping someone will have the heart to take them despite the obvious and expensive issues. That someone is ALR…

All of this being said, we bring in dogs and adopt them out faster than any group I know. That’s because we have an audience of adopters and supporters that get us. You understand that these dogs are all deserving of a good home and you have the insight to see the hidden gems, the rags to riches, the sow’s ear to silk purse…you just get it.

How many times have we gotten calls and emails from people telling us that their ALR dog is the best dog they have ever had? Tell me about blind Stevie, who got an ALR little sister that didn’t mind that he was clumsy or Gatsby who lost a leg and just mastered the dog door. What aboutMidnight who has three impaired limbs (and a sister that comes with her) and Ben who lost half his face, but is the apple of his family’s eye. Then there is Black Jack that had a rare muscle injury and one day after surgery went from stumbling up the stairs to breezing across the driveway. How many dogs have come in emaciated like Nestle, riddled with mange like Ron Jon or with collars that have grown into their necks like Muddy Buddy. Then there are the dogs Like Patrick, who were so mistreated that they couldn’t trust and became aggressive. They received  training and now live and are loved like every other dog. Dogs like Tippy that didn’t come out of the crate for the first two weeks and now she is a therapy dog. Hannah, whose youthful lab “exuberance” got her returned is now in training to be on the Veteran Service Dog Team for vets with PTSD. Dozer and Jet, who are keeping our borders safe with the US Dept. of Ag. Let’s not forget the huge percentage of dogs (47%) that we’ve taken with heartworms. Untreated, they would’ve died a slow, painful death, but now they are worm free and healthy.  These aren’t even a fraction of the ALR success stories

We love the underdogs and always will. Unfortunately, these underdogs are expensive, so we depend on your support to enable us to be A Last Resort rescue. It feels good to take the least desirable and make them the most coveted. Please support these efforts by participating in $5 Friday.  Spread the word and encourage friends, family and coworkers to donate. UNDERDOGS RULE !!!

Please, everyone chip in and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

To make a donation, please Click on the RED DONATE BUTTON on the side of the page. 🙂or mail donations to PO Box 250206, Atlanta, GA 30325

Still searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift?

In honor of Dad, shop at AmazonSmile through 6/15/14 and Amazon will donate an extra $5 to Atlanta Lab Rescue Inc. Click here to get started:

Adoption Day | May 18, 2014 1-3pm

Adoption Day | May 18, 2014 1-3pm

Save the date to come by and meet some amazing dogs looking for their forever homes!  We will be at Perk-N-Pooch in Sandy Springs, GA from 1-3pm.  Hope to see you there!

If you would like to see our available dogs please visit our Petfinder page!


Meet Atlanta Lab Rescue dog Ben from Channel 2 Action News!

Meet Atlanta Lab Rescue dog Ben from Channel 2 Action News!

Atlanta Lab Rescue 2 Atlanta Lab Rescue 1

We met with Channel 2 Action News today at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital to share the story of Ben, one of our ALR rescue dogs who is recovering at the clinic.  We found Ben last week on the Fulton County Animal Shelter Facebook page and immediately took action to get him care.  Ben’s wounds likely came from being drug across the road, and the vet at Peachtree Hills told us that the deep wound on his face is from road burn that scrapped off the skin to the bone.

Ben is doing well and receiving a lot of love and care at the vet, however he will need to have his face scraped daily and future surgeries, much like a burn victim, to help him heal. The cost can be in the thousands of dollars.  Atlanta Lab Rescue is going to make sure the Ben receives all the care that he needs, and his spirit and the love that he has for everyone around him makes what we do, even when it is hard and the funds are low, worth every effort.  Our dogs are so resilient, and as you can tell from the news clip he sure has a happy tail regardless of what he has been through!

If you would like to contribute toward Ben’s care and to help ALR please donate to Atlanta Lab Rescue here:

Donations can also be mailed to:
Atlanta Lab Rescue
P.O. Box 250206
Atlanta, GA 30325

February $5 Friday!

February $5 Friday!


It ain’t easy being me… the director of a LAB rescue. You know the #1 breed for 23 years!!! Could that be the reason that every single dog in every shelter is a LAB or LAB MIX???  What was I thinking? Next time I’ll rescue Chinese Crested or some other obscure breed that you’d likely never see in a shelter… Instead I get bombarded all day, every day with sad pictures of labs (along with every other breed mix and cats), many hit by cars, others pregnant (or puppies with no moms) and then there are the dogs that have been chained out and starved within an inch of their lives. It never gets better and sometimes I wonder how much more I can take. As bad as it is to look at all the sad, deserving faces, the thing I hate worse is asking for donations. Every time I turn around the bills for vetting, boarding and training are through the roof. In the last couple of months, we’ve had to cut the number of dogs in the program significantly, so we can try to catch up with some of the debt.
Last year we came up with an idea to raise some money in a way that we thought would be virtually painless. With our database and Facebook following, we reach out to around 10,000 people. We thought if we asked everyone to donate $5, even if half the people participated, that would really help us with the debt. The $5 Fridays have been successful, mainly due to some very generous supporters, but the concept was to have a lot of people donate a little money. So we’re going to try another $5 Friday this Friday the 28th and we’re going to ask EVERYONE who believes in Atlanta Lab Rescue to please donate $5 (we won’t tell anyone if you donate more) to help us reach a goal of $25,000!  You can go online at click on “donate” or the link below or mail $5 to PO Box 250206, Atlanta 30325.

(You can also click on the red DONATE dog on the right of the screen, thx!)

Please, everyone chip in and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.


Hallelujah, Hail Mary and Happy Holidays!

Hallelujah,  Hail Mary and Happy Holidays!

Another year has come to an end and for all of our Atlanta Lab Rescue family and friends it means another 327 dogs that found a second chance at a better life. In fact, in October, we hit a milestone of 2,000 dogs rescued when Bama came to us from Gordon County Shelter. Do you realize that the “average” shelter in Georgia houses around 65 dogs? That means we have cleared out close to 30 shelters since we started….Hallelujah!!!!
It’s pretty amazing when you see what a grassroots effort this rescue is, but so many of you have helped in so many ways that together we’ve been able to accomplish impossible things. Our communications coordinator fielded a seemingly endless string of phone calls and email inquiries every day. Volunteers clocked hundreds of administrative hours, while others drove hundreds of miles, and when we committed to take a dog, we moved mountains to make it happen. The vets kept the faith as they let us bring in dog after dog and our boarding partners set up crates or doubled up dogs to make room for “just one more.” Fosters answered Facebook pleas and adopters embraced our notion that you don’t have to be purebred to be loveable (or even a lab, in some cases).

Great accomplishments have come with a great price (you knew this part was coming) and once again we find ourselves swimming in debt. A whopping 42% of our dogs this year were heartworm positive. Basically, we rescued every dog that the others left behind. Financially it’s foolish, but that’s how we roll. In addition, many dogs ended up at the shelter as a casualty of the economy and, with no vaccines or preventative care, even the seemingly healthy dogs arrived with a myriad of health issues that drove the average cost per dog to over $850.

In football, a Hail Mary is defined as a “long, low-probability pass attempted when a team is too far from the end zone to execute a more conventional play.” You could call this final $5 Friday of 2013 our Atlanta Lab Rescue Hail Mary. The “conventional methods,” like not taking in dogs when you don’t have money, haven’t worked, so we’re asking everyone who sees this to consider donating $5 (or more) to help us get our fiscal “game” healthy again and get us out from under this mountain of debt. In the past few weeks we’ve gotten some wonderful donations and a challenge by one donor to match the first $1,500 on $5 Friday. We hope EVERYONE will rally around so Atlanta Lab Rescue can continue to clear out more shelters throughout Georgia and the Southeast!

As we close the year, we would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday and thank you again for your prayers and support. There is no better way to convey our appreciation than to show you some of the lives that have been touched by your help. As you watch this video, keep in mind that this isn’t even a third of the dogs that we rescued in 2013…an amazing perspective on an amazing effort! Looking forward to many more new faces in the new year.

To Make Your $5 Friday Donation Click Here

Save the Date | ADOPTION DAY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th from 1-3

Save the Date | ADOPTION DAY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th  from 1-3

ADOPTION DAY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th  from 1-3 at Perk-N-Pooch. We are changing the date to accommodate the new dogs that we have just committee to take. We’d like to for all of the dogs that we have to be present and there are several that will still be getting vetted and would not be able to make it this weekend. We want them all to have a chance to have a home for the holidays. In the meantime, if there is a particular dog that you would like to see, please email Thanks!

Atlanta Lab Rescue Partner Locations Selling 2014 Calendars and offering BONUS deals!

Atlanta Lab Rescue Partner Locations Selling 2014 Calendars and offering BONUS deals!

Jake, an ALR alum, doesn’t “monkey around” when it comes to Holiday gifts. He’s getting the Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendar for everyone on his list.


You can order the calendars online at or at our Partner locations:

Eddie Bauer Store at Tanger Outlet in Commerce – 25% off store purchase (good until August)

Buckhead Barbecue at 3100 Highland Parkway in Smyrna – Free all natural, food grade, smoked pig’s ear dog treat (perfect stocking stuffer)

Perk-N-Pooch at 6690 Roswell Road in Sandy Springs – 15% off coupon for bath

Pet Paradise at 2525 Camp Creek Parkway in College Park – 3 free play sessions ($15 value) with boarding

310 Rosemont at 1038 North Highland Ave in Virginia Highlands

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital at 3106 Early Street in Buckhead

Loving Hands Animal Clinic at 13775 Hwy 9 in Alpharetta

K-9 Planet at 75 Oak Street in Roswell

Twissted Whiskers at 4385 Commerce Dr in Buford

Mercy Animal Hospital at 1611 Satellite Blvd in Duluth

Sprayberry Animal Hospital at 2135 Post Oak Tritt Rd in Marietta

Red Bandana 2221 Peachtree Road Northeast in Buckhead

For all of your other gift giving needs don’t forget to shop and register Atlanta Lab Rescue as your charity of choice. We will receive .05%  of all of your purchases. Shop and save…a lab!


Shop AMAZON this Holiday and support Atlanta Lab Rescue all in one!

Shop AMAZON this Holiday and support Atlanta Lab Rescue all in one!

We know how everyone loves to do all of their Holiday Shopping on Amazon and this year you can shop with a purpose! That’s right! Just go to, select Atlanta Lab Rescue as your charity of choice and we will receive 0.5% of all of your purchases. It’s as easy as that, so let’s go shopping!

We have a nifty button already to go on our sidebar, click it and start shopping!

Happy Holidays from Atlanta Lab Rescue!

Eddie Bauer to sell Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendars!

Eddie Bauer to sell Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendars!

Did you know that Eddie Bauer had a lifelong love of dogs and became focused on Labrador Retrievers in 1930 when he heard an amazing report from Canada of a young black Lab’s skill and strength. He drove straight to British Columbia and paid the owner $65 for “Blackie,” the first Labrador retriever in Washington State.

The Eddie Bauer store in Commerce is going to honor his love of labs by supporting Atlanta Lab Rescue. Starting Monday, just in time for the holidays, the Eddie Bauer store at Tanger Outlet is going to sell our Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendar. As a further incentive they will include a coupon for 25% off of your purchase. The coupon will be good through August. Let’s go shopping and save a Lab!!!

Find our more about our 2014 Calendars HERE as well.

Save the Date : Atlanta Lab Rescue Supper Club : Buckhead BBQ

Save the Date : Atlanta Lab Rescue Supper Club : Buckhead BBQ


Count Down to Yum…

On Sunday the 17th, we’ll launch our Atlanta Lab Rescue Supper Club with a Brunch from 11-3 at Buckhead Barbecue – 3100 Highlands Parkway in Smyrna. It’s a barbecue joint with a twist they like to call “New Southern Tradition.” There is something for everyone, whether its brunch or barbecue, so come on out and bring friends and family. You  won’t leave hungry and a portion of the proceeds will go to help our dogs! This is a dog friendly event, ALR alum welcome and we will have available dogs on site as well!  See you there!

It’s here!!! The Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendar!

It’s here!!! The Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendar!

**Now only $10**

It’s here!!! The Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendar
“Wisdom from the Water Bowl”


 It’s here!!! The Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendar “Wisdom from the Water Bowl”, secrets for a happy life as seen through the eyes of a dog. How many times have we all said that we wished we were the person that our dog thinks we are? Indeed, there is so much to be learned from how unconditionally our dogs love us and how they live their lives. We call this “Wisdom from the Water Bowl” and it’s the theme of our 2014 Atlanta Lab Rescue Calendar. We’ve had some great calendars in the past, but the images and their message makes this our best one yet and the perfect gift, even if you’re not a dog person.

The calendars will be available for sale at several of our partner locations (, and Adoption Days after November 15th or you can order online now at and have it shipped. We were lucky enough to have the calendars donated this year so 100% of the proceeds will go to helping more dogs. Make sure it’s on everyone’s holiday list!

Purchase your copy today by clicking on the Buy Now button below:

Confessions of a Rescue Addict :: $5 FRIDAY!

Confessions of a Rescue Addict :: $5 FRIDAY!

Confessions of a Rescue Addict

My name is Becky and I’m a Dogaholic. I keep bringing dogs in from shelters for ALR, even though we’re out of money and space. I can’t say “no” when 1 dog to be rescued turns into 3…after all, who am I to judge if the white patch is too big to be a purebred, or the tail curls up too much or if the ears are too short or too long. The majority of the shelters that we pull from are very rural  and we’re the only chance these dogs have. That’s a heavy burden to bear. So we take them into the program when no one else will and I lie awake nights, angry with myself and wondering what we’ll do with all of them. Then I meet them. Every one of them beautiful in their own way and all clearly grateful and happy for a second chance, and I just know there is someone who will love them…and you prove me right.

My friends don’t understand my addiction. I used to have a life. I traveled, dated, had dinners out and shopped for shoes and handbags. I tell my friends that clean houses, manicured lawns and beach trips are overrated when compared to puppy breath, big sloppy kisses and unconditional love.

And I remember how you all have supported ALR in all of our decisions to bring in the dogs hit by cars, the ones that had no lab in them at all, the heartworm positive ones that all the other rescues passed over and the ones that were old and broken. Each time we have come to you for help, you have come to our aid in truly miraculous ways, and

together we have accomplished unbelievable things for an unbelievable number of dogs. This is a picture of the file cabinets in the ALR office. There are 3 file cabinets with 4 drawers each, 12 drawers and they are PACKED full of these dogs. Dogs that were given a second chance to have the life that every dog deserves, thanks to supporters like you.

Unfortunately, all of this goodness doesn’t come without a price and with two hip surgeries, three teeth extractions, two surgeries for obstructions, 28 dogs with heartworms in the last 3 months and a parvo pup this weekend, we are once again swimming in debt. Thankfully, several of our vets have extended credit to us, but the numbers are getting higher than they are comfortable with and we have to raise some money fast in order to “stay in business.” So we are once again turning to you for help and asking everyone who gets this email to donate at least $5. We’ve had a $5 Friday twice before and you rallied for the cause each time, making it possible for us pay off the debt and continue to help more dogs. We hope that you will support us again and we have a wonderful volunteer who has agreed to match the first $1,000! You may donate by clicking the Donate button in this email, or if you prefer, visit our newly desgined website and click on the Donate button. Checks can be sent to the mailing address at the bottom of this email.

Thank you for making this rescue’s mission possible!!!

Becky Cross

Director – Atlanta Lab Rescue

PO Box 250206   |  Atlanta, GA 30325

**Please click on the RED DONATE button the the right, thanks!  Or, on our GET INVOLVED page, thank!

Bark for Art a Big Success!

Bark for Art a Big Success!

Atlanta Lab Rescue’s 9th Annual Bark for Art event was a big success!  Thank you so much to friends and supporters for coming out, donating items for the auction, and helping raise awareness about the Atlanta Lab Rescue.

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