IGY 6 Service Dogs for Heroes Pack Walk – May 20th – Come One Come All!!!

Ranger Dog Training and IGY 6 Service Dogs for Heros would like to welcome you to the IGY 6 Service Dogs for Heroes Pack Walk!!!!

Date: Saturday, May 20
Time: 10 am
Where: We’ll meet next to the water fountain next to the Visitor Center in Downtown Douglasville.
Lunch after: at http://www.irishbreddouglasville.com/

-$5.00 donation for joining the pack walk will go to IGY6
-We will have shirts for sale
-Guidelines and rules apply. Please see details below.

This is a unique opportunity to meet with our new Service Dogs in training as well as the Veterans we work with at IGY6. You’ll get to know each other and learn more about what we do at IGY6 while exercising and socializing your dog.

The walk will be easy to moderate through the Historic Douglasville Square in Downtown Douglasville. We want the people in our community to meet our Service Dogs in the best environment possible, because of this we must insist that you bring only dogs on the walk that are people friendly.

To ensure the safety for all of us, our dogs, and everyone else in the community, we will be strictly enforcing the following rules:

1) Spayed/neutered dogs only.
2) No retractable leashes.
3) At least 5 feet of space between all dogs.
4) Only 1 dog per handler.
5) Anyone handling a dog must be at least 16 years old.
6) Please bring water for you and your dogs.
7) Please bring waste bags.

If your dog needs extra space because they are overstimulated and easily excited, please put a yellow or red bandana on their leash. If you do not have a bandana please let us and we’ll provide you with one.

Even the best dogs get anxious or excited, it is not a negative thing to wear a bandana. It means you know your dog well and/or maybe you’re still learning about their personality and want to be extra careful. It is ALWAYS ok to be overly cautious. *Please consider if this is an appropriate walk for your dog, the rules will be strongly enforced and anyone who violates these rules will not be asked to leave the pack stroll.



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