Lab Chat – What is a Foster?

Dear Xena,

I heard about Lab Chat and wanted to ask you a question.  I am a beautiful Lab and I am in a shelter. It is very scary here. There are dogs that bark all day long. It is very hot and wet and I don’t’ get any play time with anyone at all. Some of the dogs don’t feel well and others are mean because they have had a more hard life than me.    I do not know how I got here….one day I was playing in my yard with my humans, then I was in the car for a long time, then they brought me here but they left without me….I don’t know why…. I am 5 years old and a good dog.  People come to look at me but they walk away. I don’t understand why I am here, I didn’t do anything bad.  I heard about rescue groups that save dogs from shelters and bad homes and bad humans….can you help me get rescued Xena?   What happens when a dog is rescued?


Rescue Me…..


Dear Rescue Me,

First, you have to be strong.  I know it is hard.  I myself was in a cage for over a year before I was rescued. The day I was rescued was the best day ever.  It will happen for you too.   When you get rescued, that means that a group of good humans know you are there and that you need help.  They  come in and get you out. The hard part is sometimes they don’t have a lot of this thing called “money” to keep you somewhere until you get your new family.   So, they have to have what is called a FOSTER to take you in.  It is like being with good humans just for a bit, until you find your forever home.   Fosters help out so much – they treat you like you are their own dog and help you feel happy again. Without Fosters, rescue groups have a hard time.  There are so many dogs that need to be rescued, and not enough Fosters to help out.  It is good that you asked me this question – maybe more good humans will step up to be a Foster.  Here is the best way I can explain what Fosters really do and how much all rescue groups love and need them….

Hugs — Xena

A Foster Dog Poem

by Diane Morgan

I am the bridge between what was and what can be.

I am the pathway to a new life.

I am made of mush, because my heart melted when I saw you, matted and sore, limping, depressed,

lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.

 For one little time you are mine.   I will feed you with my own hand I will love you with my whole heart

I will make you whole.  I am made of steel.

Because when the time comes, when you are well, and sleek, when your eyes shine, and your tail wags with joy….Then comes the hard part.

I will let you go — not without a tear, but without a regret.  For you are safe forever—

A new dog needs me now…..


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