Labrador Retriever - Baby - Male
Adopted Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained


Observations so far … he is a sweet boy! He is very affectionate with humans and loves my youngest daughter (age 11) especially. He is very cuddly. He is going to be a giant lap dog. He is NOT crate trained, so we are getting to work on that. He doesn’t mind going in the crate, but he cries and howls when we close the gate. No accidents in the house so far, but I can’t determine if he is completely house trained yet. We have noticed a remarkable LACK of chewing! He likes chew toys as any puppy does, and he tried to run off with my son’s shoe, but he hasn’t done any mouthing/biting on us. He gets along great with my dogs.

He’s all muscle and he’s going to be a big, strong boy. He will need a confident leader for an owner, one who understands his need for training and socialization, and one who can assure him that the humans have life under control and he has nothing to stress about. I sense he will bond quickly and loyally with his human. He’s already giving us lots of kisses.

Murphy is one of the litter of 12 puppies that Dixie had early in the summer. He is 2 months old now and ready for his next adventure. If you have time and energy for an active puppy then please go to to fill out an application.

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