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Red is really making progress in becoming a great family dog. Not just good but Great. His work on a leash has improved dramatically. He now will walk without tugging or pulling. He does need reminding, but he gets it and quickly falls back in step. He is also learning commands. He will sit, with some encouragement and he will stay even better. Of course both these commands are a work in progress. The best news is he has learned the command “Come.” This is improving daily. I use treats to reward, but he still is compliant without them.

He is wonderful and is going to be a great family dog. He loves people and wants to please them. His obedience will continue to improve as people work with him.


Red has never met a stranger at least as far as people and other dogs are concerned. We don’t know about cats. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. Red is energetic and is always ready to go on walks but he will need some leash training. When there is nothing going on he is content to sit at your feet with his head in your lap and let you rub his head.

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Red is a 5 year old 53 pound chocolate lab. We adopted him out a little over a year ago and he is getting returned due to a job change that won’t allow them to care for him. He is great in the house and great with people and other dogs (not sure about cats). If you would like to adopt Red, you can fill out an application at

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