Save the Date | ADOPTION DAY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th from 1-3

Save the Date | ADOPTION DAY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th  from 1-3

ADOPTION DAY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th  from 1-3 at Perk-N-Pooch. We are changing the date to accommodate the new dogs that we have just committee to take. We’d like to for all of the dogs that we have to be present and there are several that will still be getting vetted and would not be able to make it this weekend. We want them all to have a chance to have a home for the holidays. In the meantime, if there is a particular dog that you would like to see, please email Thanks!

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4 Comments on "Save the Date | ADOPTION DAY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th from 1-3"

  • Cindy Iller says

    My husband and I have fostered 2 dogs. Tucker was a Labrador mix, 13 years old, when we had to put him down this summer. Allie, our 7-year old rescue Fox-Terrier, is lonely and in need of a good playmate (as well as mom & dad).

    We both have time off at Christmas, and would love to bring home a rescue lab during this time in order for all of us to “bond”.

    I’ve noted your Adoption Day on Sunday 12/15/13, from 1:00 – 3:00. I would really appreciate any information you can give us on the dogs up for adoption, especially their ability to get along with a small female terrier. (Allie and Tucker loved to chase each other by playing hide-and-seek in our vegetable garden). Any information you can provide us in advance we would greatly appreciate. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

    Kind regards,

    Mike & Cindy Iller
    Marietta, GA

    • Alana Joyner says

      Cindy, Thank you for getting in touch! Please view our available dogs page for some basic info on our available dogs. I would also suggest going ahead and filling out your online application. This will get to our director and she can call you to speak about best fit for your situation. It would be great if you came to visit the dogs on Sunday as well, some will be there with their foster parents and may have updates on behavior, etc. If you have any further questions please contact us at Thanks!

  • Bruce Walters says

    Looking forward to Adoption Day this Sunday. Will this one be at the Perk-n-Pooch in Sandy Springs like the previous ones?


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