THANK YOU from Atlanta Lab Rescue!

THANK YOU from Atlanta Lab Rescue!

Thank you form Atlanta Lab Rescue!  We appreciate your donation.  Your generous gift will help us continue to save lab and lab mix dogs from shelters and abusive situations. We carefully make certain each dog taken in is fully vetted and ready to be placed in a loving forever home.  Know that 100% of your gift will go to savings dogs and help change lives!

Thank you!
Atlanta Lab Rescue

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63 Comments on "THANK YOU from Atlanta Lab Rescue!"

  • Amy Yates says

    Thank you for saving Eeyore and the other 2 dogs from Clayton today. We sooooo appreciate it!

  • Philip says

    Thank you for helping these sweet babies!!! God bless you!

  • Susan says

    I love my rescue lab!

  • Connie says

    My Dolan was Mr. August 2012 and cant thank you enough for your work and sending him to me. He is now a therapy dog here in Florida.

  • Sara says

    Thank you for saving my Georgia. She is a wonderful dog. Bless you for all you’ve rescued.

  • Mike says

    Thanks for everything you do to save these great friends. You called her Precious when you rescued her and her name was never changed because she is that. THANK YOU!!!

  • Melissa Brenz says

    The facebook post regarding Rose and Knox touched my heart – thank You for Helping these poor animals. I wish I had more to give…

  • Laura Lynn says

    Thank you for all the wonderful things you do for these sweet, beautiful dogs! Our dog, Buck, is a rescue from ALR. He is such a blessing in our life! I can’t imagine life without him. He brings us happiness and love every day and we are so very thankful!

    Thank you so much for bringing us together!

  • Cindy says

    I wouldn’t have Midnight and Shadow if it weren’t for ALR and its incredible efforts. Thank you!!

  • Skip Mason says

    Thank you for all you do to rescue these animals. Reggie stole our hearts immediately and is the love of our lives.

  • Pam says

    I can’t imagine life without our two ALR dogs. Thank-you!

  • Bonnie says

    Our rescue, Jake, is the love of our lives – such a sweet boy! So grateful he’s a part of our family! Thank you for all you do!

  • Kenneth Rillings says

    Thank you, thank you for Bella-Beasley. We love her so much and we are thankful for Atlanta Lab rescue. She is a wonderful loving member of our household. Regards Ken

  • Whitney Green says

    ALR is the bees knees, ya’ll.

  • Ann Warren says

    Thank you for all you do for these sweet sweet labs. I have a rescue lab but not from ALR. She is the BEST thing to happen in my life in a very long time. In fact she rescued me!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Stephanie Kibg says

    We adopted our dog, Berkley, from ALR three years ago and have been blessed by him every day since then. Thank you for all you do.

  • Tim Tramell says

    I just made a 100.00 donation. I would like it to go towards helping Ben. Please let me know you got the message. Thanks for what you do.

  • Pam Butler says

    Please put this towards Ben. Thanks!

  • LauraC says

    While the two rescues I currently have in my life are not labs, I have a big soft spot in my heart that was created by paw prints from my lab rescues Rocky and Gunner. I lost Rocky at the ripe old age of 14 but Gunner left me all too soon from lymphoma. Even through the pain of old age and a battle with cancer, they both wagged their tails until their last breath. That is the spirit of the lab and that is the reason I adore them. God bless you for what you do! I hope the donations keep pouring in to help Ben and all the others who so desperately need help!

  • Aimee Wages says

    My donation tonight is on behalf of our beautiful Thor. We can only hope that it continues to help you perform the great work that you all do.

  • Aimee Wages says

    Merry Christmas to you all! Tonight’s donation is on behalf of our baby Thor. I hope it helps in all the great work that you all do!🐶

  • Laura B Hodge says

    My ALR rescue, “Baloo”, is my other half! Thank you for rescuing him and giving him a second (and heavenly) new life! He’s made lots of friends and will be in my heart forever.

    • Emma Howard says

      Thank you for all you do for the dogs that need rescue. Jasmine has stole my heart and brings much joy to my life. Thank you for bringing us together.

  • Remi Anderson says

    Thank you for all that you do, ALR! You all rock!
    Remi & Buccaneer (aka Gold Rush from ALR)

  • Wendy says

    Thank you for Hope! She’s my shadow and I can’t even imagine life without her! ALR always brings Hope!

    • Joanne Pecina says

      Thank you so much! We try our best and love getting updates for the happy endings!

      Atlanta Lab Rescue

  • Kecia Kelley says

    We love our rescue lab, Brady. Thank you for all the love and work you do for these amazing dogs.

  • MV Cater says

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Kim Bryan says

    This month is Jake 5’s six year adoption anniversary. Every May I send a donation to ALR on Jake’s behalf. I am hoping that the financial impact on ALR for his rescue expenses will soon be paid off. It was larger than typical because of his heartworm treatment. Thank you SO, SO much for all of your efforts!

  • Jay, Maureen, Meredith and Madison says

    Thank you Becky for finding Jerry for our family. He is the perfect Yellow Lab!

  • Hugh Carter says

    My rescue lab is a great friend! I am very happy with him!

  • Bill Henry says

    We are so pleased with our little Penelope. Thank you for rescuing her!
    Bill and Sandra Henry.

  • sara says

    Thank you for saving Georgia. This little girl has brightened my life these almost four years. She has worked her magic on my male Lab, the beauster, and he adores her. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you do.

  • Love my ALR dog, Baloo! He was heartworm positive but successfully treated. Thank you for rescuing him! He’s my shadow and best buddy now.

  • Bill Flynn says

    Thanks for sending us Havoc! He is the best pup ever!

  • Jennifer Smith says

    Our CJ is the best dog we could have ever asked for. He’s part human! Helped me get through my cancer journey and now “protects” my 90 yr old father-in-law…follows him to the restroom and everywhere else. He also had heartworms when we got him, and the dreaded “embedded collar” scar. Love ALR so much…..and the Riggles for fostering him.

  • Molly S says

    Thank you for all that you all do every day. We adopted our lab, Whitney, almost 6 years ago from Atlanta Lab Rescue. We had some struggles in the beginning with her and you all helped us tremendously. We will forever appreciate you all because she is a wonderful girl!!

  • Rich and Rebecca Floyd says

    Hi Becky and ALR staff,
    Glad to see your are continuing to do the best for the wonderful world of the needy Labs. Kindly know the greater than $5.00 Friday donation we made to ALR is from our hearts.
    We rescued Beau (f/k/a Bo) and Bella (f/k/a Lindsay) from ALR in 2007. Beau is now 11 years old, abnd Bella is 10. Simply put… such joy, love and companionship – have they brought to our lives, and surely the same is true for theirs.
    We just wanted to say there is a special place in heaven for those that do the work you and ALR do.. Keep it up. Cheers.
    Rebecca & Rich

    • Joanne Pecina says

      Rich and Rebecca, thank you so very much for your kind words. I will be sure to pass this along to Becky and the ALR Staff & volunteers.


  • Sandra Lopitz says

    Donated to that sweet baby lab that was hit in the memory of our handsome boy Duke.

  • Marci Mitchell says

    Bixby brings so much joy to our lives each and every day. Thank you for ALL you do!

  • Patty says

    Thank you ALR for all you do for these precious animals. When we lost our precious Golden named Ollie we didn’t think we could love another animal….but we found Charlie Brown at Atlanta Lab and we not only rescued him he rescued us from our sadness…. Charlie Brown is a handful compared to our Ollie but I know Ollie is looking down from Heaven and smiling that Charlie’s Brown has has filled our hearts with love! Thank you, thank you ALR for Charlie Brown!!😊🐕

  • Jolie says

    Thank you, Becky and all the fosters, volunteers, and donors! Best dog we’ve ever had came from ALR! Your efforts are meaningful and help so many, thank you for staying vigilant. Rocky says keep going please!!

  • Janet Busler says

    Becky & team – Thanks for all you do!! We love our Lab Rescue dog, Scout (previously Bonnie). She is a sweetie. Wish we could take them all !

  • Bill Henry says

    Penelope is a joy to Sandra and me. Thank you for doing all you did to save her and allowing us to adopt her!

  • Jay, Maureen, Meredith, Madison and Kelly and Peewee (cats) says

    “Jerry” is a perfect house Lab! He hates rain, wet ground and the snow this week has made going outside an ordeal for him! He would rather stay inside and cuddle with us or his cat friends! What a sweety! Becky, we cannot thank you enough for matching Jerry with our family!

  • Foy family says

    We love our three legged ALR alum!! She has been a wonderful addition to our family and impacted so many, most especially my daughter with special needs.

    Thanks from all of us!

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